SAVANT Guitars - full solid handmade


Under construction - soon you will find more informations about our guitar models

- Archtop

- Steel String

- Classical

- Electric


We will start with the introduction of a new full solid Archtop guitar model "JazzPest". Check back soon.

Preview "Classical guitars":

The classical guitar range contains 3 models: Advanced, Master and Artist.

All instruments are made by the same luthiers with the same care in our newly set up workshop.


All guitars are made of the best materials incl. only full solid woods and have a DoubleTrad® (sandwiched) top, made of best European spruce (Alpine-, Austrian-, Caucasian-, Italian- or Swiss spruce).

We don´t offer our DoubleTrad® toped guitars with Cedar as we think this wood is not a good choice for this type of construction. For other construction types this species fits better.

We are glad to discuss with you other options or custom work - everything is possible, as we produce in limited quantities on an limited base.



Advanced Series:

East Indian Rosewood (25+ years airdried) or Camatillo RW b+s, handpolished H-I-S®-shellac top, laccquer sprayed on b+s

Master Series:

Cocobolo or Nicaraguan Rosewood b+s, handpolished shellac top, shellac sprayed on b+s; handpolished FP on complete instrument is an option

Artist Series:

Madagascar Rosewood (10+ years airdried), handpolished shellac top, back + sides and neck (the instrument is completely handpolished with shellac). BRW/Rio is an option.


For an excerpt of available options please see order section of this web site or click here.


We use our own shopmade shellac that we call HardInstrumentShellac
("H-I-S®"). We started with the idea of other shellac products (like "Hard Shellac" from U-Beaut, which was originally development for furniture makers) and mix now regular shellac flakes with our own cross-linking addition to adapt it to the special needs for polishing and long-time preservation of fine acoustic guitars.

We produce this stuff here in our workshop (and sometimes sell it to luthiers).