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1. Blog: Les Paul 1959 replicas

I feel it is time to include a building blog for interested fellowers.

We are myth busters and like the idea of sharing informations for free - in the end we all got our knowledge from others and if we can give back a bit we are glad to share here.

In progress at this moment are two 1959 Les Pauls that were ordered to vintage correct specs (if such a term exists for handmade vintage guitars with dimensions that were all over the place...), one with a highly flamed maple top, the other with old stock quilted maple (last being from the 1980´s to be paired with an extra old stock mahogany body).

All dimensions and informations (we are aware of) will be given and published within this blog, for better identification these will be written bold and inverse, i.e. Nut was made of 6/6 nylon, thickness 3/16´´ (4,76mm).

If you have any questions or if you are interested in buying anything you see during this building blog (tools. woods, hardware or whatever) feel free to contact us via email (-> Contact-section of this website) or drop us a line at "info (AT) SavantGuitars DOT com".


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