SAVANT Guitars - full solid handmade

March 29th, 2017:
We did not care enough about this website due to real-life obligations, but will do better and will additionally continue in the future with a 1958 Flying V replica build.

A teaser: we were recenty able to obtain the 1958 ORIGINAL DRILLING JIG as well as the original 1958 MASTER TAILPIECE PLATE!

Material: brass, thickness: 0,075" (1,91mm)

Quite rough made... drill diameter: 3/32" (2,38mm):

backside - you can see the location pins (= position of the bridge studs):

The ferrules stand proud off the aluminium plate, serving as a "guidance":

If you are interested in learning more details about our vintage correct 1958 Flying V replicas feel free to ask.