SAVANT Guitars - full solid handmade


For ordering or questions regarding test playing one of our guitars please contact us via "Contact+Link" page.


Pre-made 1959 Les Paul bodies and tops as well as fretboards and necks are available, including glued bodies (maple top + mahogany core) and full sets - ask if interested.

We use for finisching special vintage correct (pure) nitrocellulose lacquer without plastinizers, no pre-catalyzing etc., just the vintage correct stuff that will CRACK by the time ... this is custom made for us by a small German company and not available anywhere else. We offer this exclusively now for the first time to the public for 25 Euro/liter (plastinizer available separate for own mixing if a NOS look is aimed for).




excerpt from available options for CLASSICAL GUITARS:

- cutaway

- armrest

- elevated and cantilevered fingerboard extension

- individual scale length

- custom neck shape

- various wood species (old stock, incl. BRW from 1895, African Blackwood, 150-year
  old Cocobolo, Nicaraguan RW, Camatillo RW, Madagascar RW, Palo Escrito RW,
  old Bosnian Bird´s Eye and flamed Maple, flamed and quilted Mahoganies, 25 year old
  East Indian Rosewood and ebony, snakewood appointments etc.)

- acoustic soundport(s)

- 7-string

- handpolished shellac ("French Polish") on b+s and neck/full instrument (standard on 
  Artist series, option for all others: all instruments have a handpolished shellac

- various tuning machines incl. Alessi tuner (and others like Rodgers, Blake&Robson,
  Gotoh, Schaller, Rubner, Sloane, Waverly  etc.)

- use of stabilized wood (according traditional violin and cembalo makers´ techniques)

- many more, just ask